Select the record you want to record on your wall "Vkontakte". To do this, scroll down the wall and hover over the desired post. Click on the publication date, which is in the lower left corner of the post. You will have access to additional functions. Just hit "Lock", and the entry will be right at the top on your wall.
To unpin an entry on the wall, click again on the date of its publication, and then click "Unpin". Please note that the lock on the page only posts personally. However, if someone from visitors of your page to make the census - send any entry on your wall, you can fasten it in the same way.
You can also pin posts on the wall of the group (community or public pages) "Vkontakte", if you are an administrator. It is enough to choose an important publication in the manner specified earlier, and click "Fix". Please note that the post is fixed can be placed both on the wall and the top of the page – region, located above the main menu.