You will need
  • - a statement about the desire to work as an employee of FC, football club, coach or player;
  • - application for admission to the club's youth Academy, youth sports school;
  • - passport, birth certificate or other document, which is the ID;
  • - medical certificate;
  • - documents on education, including special (e.g., completion of a Higher school coaches or Academy of agriculture);
  • - employment history;
  • photos for membership cards of the club;
  • - the contract of the player or coach.
Settling into the football club, for example, a bus driver, coach of the youth school or agronomist of the stadium with a natural grass surface pre-find out the existence of not only jobs, but also about the special requirements for its applicant. Among the latter may be, for example, the ability to play football, a willingness to travel frequently and a necessity of adapting to the seasonal calendar of games, work in days off and evenings.
Prepare your resume in advance and practice answers to possible questions from the club President or General Manager. Without passing this compulsory procedure to a vacant place of the employee club administration is almost impossible. With the coaches teams and managers and coaches of the children's school, contracts.
Students deciding to become a club coach, you need to come to the club to the stadium the day of the official set — with parents, birth certificate, football form, football boots and a doctor's note. The ball you will receive directly on the lawn. Show coaches your ability to play for hours, physical fitness, endurance, technical equipment, character and will to win.
If you are going to play in the club team, which you already asked, most of the work on employment will make scouts, FC and personal agent. But in order to start training, you must study and sign consistent with the latter, and the former and current club contract, and wait for the arrival of your transfer sheet. To get into the squad for the season, Shine at training camp and in the friendlies.