Reasons for removal of the questionnaire may be several, but usually the person either found their other half, or he was tired to communicate on this site, and he wants to try himself in another place. And then he asks: "How do I delete my profile?" He leaves, and he continues to receive offers of familiarity, are distracting, maybe even annoying. Before you remove an account on a Dating site, remember, not whether the account is paid. You may have to fill out a waiver form from the site services to ensure that after your departure you have not continued to accumulate debt. If you communicate for free, or spent all cash payments on a prepaid basis, such as paid SMS, then the account can be removed immediately.
Go to your profile settings. Somewhere at the bottom usually there is a button "delete profile" or "to refuse services of the site". Click on it, you will come to a window with a warning that the account will be deleted and if you are confident in your decision, then click OK. After clicking the button, the form is removed.

If the site does not allow independent removal, simply modify your application so that it ceased to fit you. Remove all pictures, change the data on the unreadable set of letters and numbers, change email address, in General, make sure that you're not in any way to recognize or identify. Uncheck all options that will allow other users to search or see your profile, and go. Usually programmers of a site after a certain period of time check users, inactive profiles are removed.
If none of the above methods do not work, then go loud and with the music. Send to as many people emails with spam content, and rest assured, literally after a couple of complaints, your account will be banned or deleted. But I'd like to believe that to reach such extremes. With most sites the questionnaire can be remove with a simple push of a button in your profile settings.