What do I need to compress

For vodka compress need vodka or alcohol diluted to 40 percent. Vodka from the open bottle earlier is not suitable as the alcohol quickly evaporates and its concentration in vodka has less than 40 percent. It is impossible to compress to use vodka with pepper or other spices, they can irritate the skin and cause chemical burns.

Also needed gauze, the size of which corresponds to the affected area, the better its pre-folded into eight layers. Instead of gauze, you can use cotton or linen cloth, folded in 2-4 layers, but you cannot use synthetic fabric.

To compress need oilcloth or polyethylene, the size in length and width is 4 cm more than the size of the tissue. Be sure to prepare a thick layer of cotton wool, the size in length and width should be at least the size of tablecloth.

If you plan to compress is applied on the arm or on the leg, for fixing'll need a bandage or a long scarf. You can only use a simple gauze bandage, an elastic analogue will not work, as it will squeeze the skin and inhibit the expansion of blood vessels, and therefore, the therapeutic effect of the compress will not work.

The sequence of actions

Before applying a compress of vodka to be heated to a temperature of 37-38 degrees. You cannot apply a hot compress by applying a cold solution. Heat in a sealed bottle in a water bath or in a container with hot water. It is impossible to heat the alcohol solution in the Cup for Gaza, as alcohol is flammable.

Damp gauze or cloth in vodka and squeeze a little. Attach the cloth to the affected area. Immediately cover with an oilcloth so that it covered the entire area with a wet cloth. From top, apply a layer of cotton wool and secure a compress bandage.

If the procedure is aimed at the chest to cure a cough, then instead of wool, you can use a towel or a large kerchief. After applying the compress you should fix it, for example, wear narrow or tight clothes, slip into a fluffy Bathrobe.

Therapeutic effect is achieved after 4 hours after applying the compress. Not to be a vodka compress to leave longer as the alcohol solution during prolonged contact with skin may cause chemical burns.

Evaluation of results

Correctly applied vodka compress causes a feeling of heat, that is not burns and cools the skin. If you did everything correctly, the vodka will not drip onto the wool, the top layer of the compress will remain dry. To judge the correct concentration of the alcoholic solution and the time of overlay can be on the pink color of the skin. If the skin after compress much red, this indicates a burn.