Genital and hormonal changes occurring at the background of this processable the final establishment of the menstrual cycle and restore hormonal balance swelling will take place only in certain periods of the cycle. But with the appearance of pain in the chest area it is better to refer to mammologu.
Beremennostey is characterized by increased production of hormones responsible for the growth of the breast. The greatest discomfort occurs in the first trimester and the first postpartum days. But after weaning, Breasts , everything goes. If suddenly there a dark discharge from the nipple, pain or popping of the seal - be sure to consult with a specialist.
Stagnation of fluids in the mammary deletemachine can be hormonal changes, diet and even lifestyle. To fluid retention can result in excessive caffeinated drinks, salty and fatty foods and lack of exercise.
Bushgalleries garment may lead to fluid retention and impaired blood circulation. This is possible when it does not match your size, has a rough insertion or vivaldiana bone. Underwear should be loose and cause sensations of tightness.
Taking certain medicines. If you find some connection between the taking of medicines and swelling of glands - consult your doctor. If necessary, he may prescribe diuretics to remove fluid from the body.
Hormonal contraceptives will notice similar effects - let me know your gynecologist.
Cancer Grudev this case, the swelling is often accompanied by various kinds of seals and lumps on the breast. In addition, the observed distortion of the normal shape of the breast, the formation of small cavities, bleeding from nipple, etc. When it detects similar symptoms be sure to visit mammologist.