Why eyes itch

The eyes may itch for a variety of reasons. For example, if they are scratched, they are also watery, swollen, it most likely suggests that you have allergies. Additional symptoms of this disease can be a runny nose and sneezing. In addition to allergies, the eyes may itch due to extreme fatigue. This often happens in those people who like to sit at the computer, TV.

If you sudyatsya the corners of your eyes, it can be a sign of a disease such as conjunctivitis. In this case, you might also notice thick, stretchy discharge from the eyes. Treated such disease under the supervision of an ophthalmologist. Itching of the eyelids is often associated with the use of poor quality cosmetics, long-wearing lenses or eye strain.

In addition to the above reasons, the eye can itch due to demodicosis. Tick-pathogen infects the body of those people who have a weakened immune system. To get rid of this disease is possible only under proper treatment. Also itching can occur due to cataracts, barley, trachoma.

How to get rid of itching eyes

To eyes no longer itch, first eliminate the cause. If blame allergies, protect yourself from contact with the allergen. Start taking antihistamines (such as "Suprastin", "Lomilan", "Aerius" or other). But remember that all drugs have contraindications, so read the instructions carefully. For at least a little swelling and itching, soak cotton pads in cold milk, then apply to closed eyes. Repeat the procedure several times.

To relieve fatigue, and with it the itching will help you with fresh cucumber. Wash it with cold water, cut into slices. Then sliced vegetable, place for a few minutes in the fridge. In the end put the chilled slices on the eye. Repeat this procedure several times in a row. Can help to relieve fatigue by ophthalmic drops, eye exercise.

If you notice that the mucous is irritated, to improve its condition is by washing the eyes with rose water. For this, 30 ml of distilled water add 5 drops of rose water. Received means rinse your eyes several times.

Conjunctivitis to self-medicate is not necessary, as this disease is serious, too infectious. But to relieve severe itching you can use bags of chamomile tea. Used tea bags put in the fridge, then put them in the eye. After 10 minutes, repeat the procedure.

To get rid of eye diseases is only possible with the help of a doctor. Don't delay the treatment at the first sign of seek help from a specialist.