A theme party can be arranged in the form of a detective story or the history of pirates. If you have the opportunity to celebrate in the street near the water - fit Hawaiian style, with bright, light clothes, cold cocktails with umbrellas and straws, lots of flowers and fruits. You need to take care of scenarios to prepare various interesting competitions in which can take part all the guests. Music, drinks, food should match the theme of the celebration. Despite the fact that the party themed birthday – remains the main person in this holiday.

Themed birthday party for kids

Script birthday can be anything. To make the evening better in the style of your favourite fairy tales, cartoons or movies. In order that the occasion took place, it is necessary to plan the guest list and warn them about party themes. The main thing that guests in a timely manner could prepare for the celebration and to decorate gifts.

For home decoration you can use balloons, ribbons, drawings on Whatman paper, toys, colors and various decals to create a fun, simple interior and in the same style to set the table. Composing festive menus, we must not forget about the menu for children, which should not be mayonnaise, but more simple beautifully decorated dishes. The key dish on the table, of course, the cake. Its design should be given special attention - it is important to reflect the theme of the celebration.It is desirable to free up space in order to enable children to play - they won't stay long in one place. Be sure to consider prizes and small gifts. Birthday for kids should be memorable, fabulous and fun.

Themed birthday party for adults

Before you start preparing for your holiday, you must decide on the theme of the birthday. Based on the theme of the celebration, you should choose the design of rooms, appropriate drinks and fun for the holiday. Party in the detective style will suit spirits (whisky, brandy, cognac) and suitable snacks. Guests can be entertained with games of "Mafia" and poker. Guests are required to dress appropriately: elegant suits and dresses.

Another option themed birthday can be a party in the style of Halloween. At a party house can be decorated with images of ghosts, witches, black cats and pumpkins traditional hellouinsky. On the tables you can place candles and lanterns. Entertaining guests at a party games like "Dinner witch", "the voice in the dark room," etc. Great fun on Halloween can be a variety of divination.