Determine with your child how many guests will come to his day of birth. Draw a bright and beautiful invitations with guest names, and then find a way to distribute them.
Be sure to check in advance with parents of child's friends to find out if there's young guests special preferences in food and entertainment, but also to arrange a time when the child needs to bring to the feast, and when to take home. Find out from parents whether their children have allergies to any ingredients to prepare a festive table that will suit all children.
Small children get tired quickly, so don't make the holiday longer than two hours. Follow the health and behavior of children will not perevozbuzdenie their excessive fun and games. When the kids get tired to have fun, start slowly to reduce the event.
Think for kids exciting contests and games, which must start immediately after the festive feast. It will not allow the children to scatter around the apartment, and you will be able to hold their attention.
Give the children as quiet games that can be played, sitting around a table or in a circle and movement games in which children can run free and burn off excess energy.
We should not conduct contests to win one person to change the game of resentment and regret. Organize a celebration so that all children somehow received prizes and gifts.
Decorate the apartment with colourful balloons, and part inflate balls and invite the kids to play – they have a lot of fun bursting the balloons on the dispute to the music and playing ball.
Festive table for kids – not such a complicated matter as it might seem at first glance. Put on the table a lot of drinks, pure water, juice, fruit drinks, lemonade. Prepare children beautifully decorated sandwiches, chopped vegetables, light salads. Don't forget about the fruits and the delicacies which love exactly those children who will come to visit you. Accompany the process of a feast game.
No day of birth is not complete without a cake – the cake should be beautiful, bright, with lighted candles. Make a cake in the room turning off the lights, and invite the birthday boy to the applause of the guests blow out the candles and make a wish. Also, all the kids can try to blow out the candles on the birthday cake.
Relatives, grandparents invite the other day – the child may well be two days of birth, both adult and children.
To avoid uncomfortable situations, show all the guests what table to put gifts, where is the toilet, how to wash your hands – in short, they provide maximum comfort.