You will need
  • Jump rope
Skipping rope is the cheapest and least effective trainer than others. Jump rope can be almost all people. However, a contraindication for such studies are thorough heart disease and hypertension. And varicose veins and diseases of the joints. Therefore, first consult your doctor. Practice in a comfortable tracksuit and sneakers. Jump is also right: the back should be straight, elbows close to the body to rotate when jumping you need only hands.
Experienced trainers recommend starting to jump on the rope almost without departing from the earth, starting with 5 min a day at a slow pace. Then, after about a week, get used to this load, bring classes to 10 mins And so gradually reach 20-30 minutes per day. This is the optimal amount of time required to produce a slimming effect.
When the body becomes accustomed to the load, to gradually complicate jumping and accelerate their pace. Then the body will not only lose weight but also will come to tone, tighten and even begin to acquire a beautiful relief forms. The secret is that the jumps at the same time able to use all the muscles of the body. Jumping can be: jumping with two feet, jumps and landing alternately on each foot; jumps only at one extremity, and then to another; jumping from the torsion of the rope backward, jumping from one side to the other; jumping from setting one foot ahead of the other; jumping, running in place, jumping on crossed legs.
Keep in mind that during class skipina the name of this sport, train the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, contributing to the overall health of the organism and prevention of various diseases. There is a stabilization of blood pressure, toxins from the body. "Side effect" of training is to improve mood by increasing the body's level of endorphins - hormones of happiness.
For women jumping rope doubly useful because adjusted basic problem areas: abdomen, thighs, legs. Cellulite gradually disappears, leaving signs of predmenstrualnogo syndrome and meteozavisimosti. Please note that, in General, the rejuvenation of the body. Respectively, improves complexion, appears the gleam in his eyes. Some people suffering from excess weight, to heighten the effect of drinking slimming teas and adhere to diets. But if jumping rope is optional. Losing weight will come without any additional restrictions in food.
In addition, due to increase muscle mass and decrease adipose tissue metabolism and people may worry that eating a high-calorie dinner, will be fine. Please note that you need to engage regularly, i.e. daily. But enough 3 times a week for 30 min and the Result will not be slow itself to wait 1.5-2 months after the start of the jumps. Physical exercise with this low-cost trainer for a quarter of an hour helps burn 200 kcal, if you jump 100 jumps per minute.