Please note, always do you have burning feet at night or that occurs only after you during the day a lot of walking. Because if that's the case, then worry about the presence of the disease is not necessary, as the feeling in the lower extremities is observed due to expansion in their blood vessels and the inflow thereto of a large amount of blood. This is quite normal. Are burned, you only need to wear looser shoes, try more sit and in the evening to make hot baths with essential oils.

Allergies and varicose veins

Burning feet at night can because of allergic reactions. It can occur due to contact with the skin low-quality material, which often made the shoes. In this case, besides the fact that burning feet can occur red spots that can be disturbed by itching. In this case, you need to drink an antihistamine. In addition, you need to change the shoes on better.

Varicose veins can be a cause feet burning at night. It occurs during pregnancy, excess weight, hormonal drugs, because of his work, which is associated with prolonged standing on her feet. Typically, this disease is accompanied by swelling and heaviness in the feet. Often there are cramps in the muscles of the legs, and the skin there is a cosmetic defect in the form of heavily swollen veins. Here it is necessary to treat with ointments and tablets. They are appointed by the doctor after the examination.

Fungal infection and diabetes

Lesions of the feet fungal infection can cause burning sensation of the feet. This cause is very common. Backgammon with this symptom a person can watch the redness and peeling of the skin of the feet. In addition, the nails may first become yellow, then start to move and crumble. To get rid of fungal infection need to use special ointments and solutions. To carry out the required treatment under the supervision of a physician.

Diabetes can lead to the fact that the nights will burn his feet. It is a serious disease in which the body is completely absent or set to the minimum amount of insulin. Start burning feet in diabetes in cases when it has moved into a serious stage. In addition, you may experience severe pain stop and blanching. It is crucial to see a doctor, so he appointed effective treatment.