How to wear denim shorts inflated

Denim clothing is very comfortable, it is even considered to be generic. There are many places where they can go. The exception is a strict dress code on some event or in the office. And so you can easily wear under denim high shorts, a jacket will be appropriate and blouses sleeveless. Now even you can combine different things, creating unique images.

Denim shorts with a high rise and do not need to stick to a specific style in shoes. Indeed, shorts is the core of the image, so that the shoes can be choose on the basis of what the overall picture you want to create.

Street style.Then these shorts will fit ballet flats, brogues, Chelsea, loafers. In the cold - timberlands and shoes.

A sporty style.Sneakers or sneakers that are very popular now.

Romantic style. Pumps, flats, sandals, wedges - it all looks great with high-waisted shorts. And sandals or shoes with thin heel will help you to create an image for the party.

Time of the year

Many people think that shorts can be worn only in the summer. But in fact, denim high shorts to a particular season do not apply. When it's cold outside, feel free to wear warm wool tights under shorts, and spring you can wear them with nylon stockings. The density of tights will depend on the temperature. It is worth noting that much depend on the details, so to bring in the new notes will help the pantyhose with a print, or in any intricate pattern.