Special attention deserve the model of cutoff shorts, that is those models that will look, and the impression that they just cut. Short denim shorts, made of light fabric, an important novelty of the current summer season. These styles are just right for the summer heat. Are also popular model of long denim shorts.

The decor of denim shorts

For garment decoration from the world of denim designers in their fashion collections used a lot of different parts. These details include different metallic objects, wear, perforation, massive belt. To all this, they adorned their models with embroidery and fringe. Thanks to many such elements is achieved shabby, old look of the shorts. Bright, stylish belt will help put the focus in the generated image and accentuate the figure.


Colors this season leading place was taken by all the shades of blue. It is important to remember one little trick, the longer the outfit, the lighter it needs to be. But all the same there are some exceptions, and they relate to models of short denim shorts. In these styles of shorts should be color harmony. This summer season there is a simplicity and classicism forms. Very often, designer collections, there are shorts of different color combinations. Ranging from intensely bright patterns to classic quiet colors. The main highlight of a summer beach fashion white shorts.

Combinations with shorts

Will look good with denim shorts with the simple things, such as shirts, blouses, shirts, t-shirts and tops. If it is good to pick up the image, it can perfectly be suitable for the party. Some shorts look great with semi-sports shoes. Many girls just go the stylish shoes combined with shorts.

Their taste preferences neglect to ask the stylist or consultant, the choice of extended models of shorts. They need to be able to properly combine with the clothes and shoes. Very impressive for such a style might look like in conjunction with the business style.