Operators work in the regions

First of all it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of Telecom services from various operators. It would seem that a single operator, so the quality of its services varies from region to region. However, it is not so. For example, in Moscow and the Moscow region has a very strong position of this operator of cellular communication "MTS", and in the Volga region quality causes a lot of complaints. At the same time, "MegaFon", though the most high-quality, convenient and affordable operator in the regions of the Volga Federal district, in Moscow not is of good quality. Therefore, the buyer should carefully examine the feedback on the work of all the operators in the region in which it is going to acquire a telephone number.

Customer requirements

The benefit of using a specific tariff is very vague. A pensioner is unlikely to make frequent use of the Internet, and the teenager does not want to settle for just phone calls or sending SMS messages. Therefore, the choice of tariff is a very individual thing. All operators have tariffs that focus on different services that it provides. It calls from inside/outside your home network, communication in roaming in Russia and abroad, the use of Internet connections and more. Often the operator may offer tariffs aimed at different age and social groups (pensioners, children, invalids, social workers. sector, etc.). Therefore, having studied offers of all operators in the current region, people will be able to choose the most suitable for the proposal.

Tariff options

The rates mobile operators can work in conjunction with various pricing options that can be connected to the user on demand. Thanks to them, any rate can be done individually for a particular customer. Options may relate to any of the services offered by the operator.


Often from the convenience to recharge your mobile phone depends on the choice of a particular operator. For easy cash payments, it is necessary that the operator possess a large number of units in a particular region, and were also presented at various mobile retailers (such as "Euroset", "Svyaznoy", etc.). If we are talking about cashless payments with Bank cards, then the site operator must be a corresponding menu. Payment must be protected to eliminate the chance of an attacker to access your billing information, therefore, on security of payment needs to be said in addition.