You will need
  • The passport of the owner of the property, documents of ownership, information of the passport and the USRR.
Thorough verification of documents when buying an apartment is necessary, by and large, more for second homes. Primary housing with no previous owners, does not require such a serious examination.
The first thing to check when buying an apartment – compliance of the documents to the apartment and of the housing. Sometimes tenants and owners of flats make illegal alterations, changes in area due to the construction of the balcony (if the apartment is on the 1st floor), rebuilding the common areas. To check the specifications of housing in the cadastral passport at the apartment, resulting in BTI (Bureau of technical inventory) of the city.
It is also necessary to check the documents of the seller, as the frequent cases of sale of flats incapacitated or conditionally capable sellers (persons with disabilities, persons consisting on the account in PND), whose relatives might try to challenge the transaction after making the payment. It is not recommended to make the transaction for the purchase of real estate from the Trustee, even if the attorney is in good condition and certified by a notary.
When selling a home by owner, you should check for documented consent from the wife (husband) and the consent of minor children registered in the apartment. Also recommended to ask the seller expanded extract from the house register, which usually indicates the number of registered residents and the ability of their residence even in the case of the sale of the apartment.
The right of ownership to housing is evidenced by an extract from EIRTS (Uniform it is information-clearing center), which is issued only to the person registered in the apartment and having the documents confirming the property. Best of all the buyer should do when you receive statements of the passport to avoid forgery of Bank statements and certificates. The statement not only shows the number of the registered persons, but also their right to property.
The statement from EGRP (Unified state register of rights) can give not only to the owners but to any interested person: the reference indicated the number of tenants, history of registration and the statement, whether there is a court decision on the apartment, the debts on payment of utilities. It is recommended to request such information on the eve of buying an apartment to have the latest information regarding housing.