First, decide what the choice of housing is fundamental. What is the maximum amount you are willing to spend, what areas of the city are you willing to consider what is the distance to the subway you want, are you ready to see the apartment on the ground floor in a block or panel houses, principally whether you have a balcony, phone, Playground in the yard and so on. Decide also whether you are ready to do in the new housing overhaul or will it just be cosmetic.
Once the housing requirements are formulated, you can contact the real estate Agency asking you to choose the options of apartments that meet your needs – or choose suiting your options through advertisements in specialized magazines or Internet listings.
Before you get into the apartment, assess the infrastructure of the area and the local area. Check near the house shops, pharmacies, how far is it to stop if there is enough in the yard Parking spaces if there is Playground.
The state of the entrance, the Elevator, the presence or absence of intercom or code calls a lot will tell you about the house and about the people who live in it, and also about the attitude of the management of the company to its duties. Pay particular attention to the condition of the stairwells of the first floor: moist air, unpleasant odors or mold on the walls – a sure sign of the constant flooding of the basement.
In the apartment in the first place it is necessary to pay attention to the condition of the plumbing, pipes, radiators, wiring, as well as the work of ventilation. Look on the ceilings and walls of traces of leaks. Specify whether the apartment alterations, and if there was – legalized if they (or the process of sale of the apartment can be very difficult). Find out more about the neighbors (especially neighbors – they often are the source of various kinds of domestic hardship).
If you have come to the conclusion that the apartment suits you – it's time to find out some details related not to the housing, and to its owners (i.e. the sellers). If they sold this apartment, plan to buy yourself another home – need to find out how they really assess their capabilities. Otherwise, the order process can stretch on indefinitely. If you buy an apartment in the mortgage – the principal point is the consent of the owners to state in the contract the full amount of the transaction. As a rule, agree to this only to those who own apartment for more than three years and therefore will not have to pay taxes on housing sales.