You will need
  • - passport of the owner
  • - documents about the property
  • - passport BTI
For the assessment you need to choose the estimated company which deals with this issue. Only accredited organizations can do it, otherwise the document will not be official and has no legal force.
The main documents for the evaluation of the apartment are legal. These include the passport of the owner, in the case of multiple owners requires a passport for all. As well as the documents confirming the ownership right on this property - if there are no documents of ownership - apartment in newly built house, need a contract on the basis of which was the deal, as well as a cadastral passport for it.
In the case of an encumbrance of property: pledge, mortgage, etc. will require the appropriate documents. Some evaluation companies require proof of the absence of encumbrances is either a customer or the organization itself makes a request to the Registrar.
In the case of the housing layout should provide the appropriate permissions from BTI
Also should provide technical documentation on the apartment, because the assessment plays the role of the location of the evaluated object. It is the explication of the room to the floor plan itself and the floor plan of the house.
When assessing the necessary departure of the appraiser on the object so that he could inspect the apartment and take photos.
After the inspection of housing and delivery of all documents the assessment done within several days. Then issued a document required stitched with seals and signatures. It indicates the market value of the property, which guided the implementation of various operations with the apartment, as well as a rather detailed description of the object itself, including the condition of the house, its location and other factors considered in the evaluation.