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  • - coordinates with respect to the employees of MTS
Known worldwide mobile operator MTS makes its customers a variety of different proposals (for example, the service "Native city"). This is a great opportunity and more cheaper to communicate with loved ones who are in other, distant localities. If your family, friends or business partners with whom you often call up on the phone, live outside your area, being subscribers of MTS, you can connect the "Native city" and to call them two times cheaper.
To connect this service through "SMS-Assistant". To do this, send free sms to 111 with text 2132. You can also dial on your cell alternative command *111*2132# call, or use the "Internet assistant". The cost of service connection "Native city" - 30 roubles, and every day from the account on the mobile phone will be charged the monthly fee in the amount of 1 ruble.
If connecting the "Native city", you were disappointed in the service or this service you no longer need, it can be waived. Disable it via "SMS-Assistant" (send SMS to 111 with text 21320) or dial on your phone *111*21320# - call. In contrast to the connection, disconnection services are free.
If for any reason you can't enable or disable "Native city" on your own, ask for help in the customer service Center of MTS, calling the operator to the number 0890 or by visiting the nearest office of the company. Consultation with the Manager, you will get all the information about what services you have and how much you pay for them. Seizing the opportunity, you may be asked to turn off room all paid services or to find a more favorable rate.