Job description – the basic document that defines the legal position of each staff in the company structure or in his unit. This is the criterion used by the employer in the certification or evaluation of the violations in the case of attraction to a disciplinary responsibility. The discrepancy between the requirements listed in this document, is sufficient only for those administrative penalties, and for dismissal of the employee.
But this document is essential not only for the employer but, in the first place, and for the employee himself. The job description should be a clear definition of the scope in accordance with this title of work, and provides skills required for this. This document gives the list of duties specified powers and rights, and also defined responsibility for the failure to comply with its requirements.
Formalized job descriptions, detailing job duties that correspond to a particular staff, should be developed, approved and put into force by the order. A candidate applying for a vacant position should be familiar with these local regulations document before it is signed an employment contract as reglamentary part 3 of article 68 of the LC RF.
If this regulation is relevant to a small circle of workers, a visa, being aware of, it is advisable to put directly on the document, the main text, below the signature of the developer of document and visa approval. Before the signature of the employee can immediately print Frau: "the job description read" or the employee must submit her his hand, put his signature to give her the transcript and the date. In the case where this job description applies to the large number of staff, it is advisable to make a special journal in which everyone who reads this document to sign indicating your surname, name and patronymic, position and date of review.
Because the job description is the document that reglamentary activities of the employee, it is necessary to always have it on hand to guide them. So visa familiarization with duties to Supplement the sentence: "a Copy of the job description I have received". A certified copy of this document transmitted under the signature of the employee is to ensure that in case labour or litigation he will not be able to refer to the fact that he had forgotten his situation.