The order is a local act who is issued a binding order, the order of the chief (head) of the company, addressed to subordinates. In addition, the order may be determined by a standing order, for example, the order "About carrying out of competition on replacement of vacant posts approved or promulgated by other internal regulations, for example, the order "On approval of accounting policy of the organization."
Large enterprises may be a special document "record keeping", contains the rules for the publication, registration and order amending the orders of a specific organization. However, this is not being achieved everywhere and in this case you should refer to the generally accepted rules of the document.
So to make changes to the order can only be issued the same document. In other words, changes in the order must be issued by the order "On amendments to order №... by...".
To sign the act (the order) amendments to an order can only be empowered by virtue of their official position and with the strict observance of the rules of subordination. That is, the order of the head of the Department, you cannot make changes to the order of the head of the organization, but the reverse situation is possible.
Orders are usually issued on the letterhead of the organization, if any. In the middle of a string or right to spell the word "Order" for the kind act of a leader.
Below, specify the name of the order ("the amending .....").
In the introductory part, you can designate the target changes, the previously issued document, for example, In order to optimize the management accounting of accidents on production p R and to and z y in and Ju:..".
Next comes the text of the order amending where we need to clearly list all the main points of the document in which changes are made. If some parts of the main document are changed completely, then specify that this paragraph (or paragraph, etc.) to read as follows:...".
In addition, determine in the order the date the changes come into force, list of officers (by name) involved in the execution of the order and method of communicating changes to their attention. And finally, specify the persons responsible for the execution of the order.
If the order changes periodically (frequently changing legislation, these are the features of industrial activity of the enterprise, it is advisable in the main document to determine the order of making changes.