You will need
  • - job descriptions;
  • order.
To approve official instructions, first make separate instructions for each employee or for each job title. All the internal legal acts are drawn up and agreed by the administrative team of the company taking into account the opinion of primary or independent trade Union organization, acting on behalf of the workers. It is also necessary to consider all articles of the Labor code, as duties may not conflict with General law.
In each of the manual describe in detail all the responsibilities for individual employees, or create a General guideline for the naming of one post. This means that if you have 3 accountant, duties, qualifications and functions may be different, in this case, you write and argue the separate instructions. If all 3 of the employee will perform the same function, have the same qualifications, the job description may be applicable to a specific job title.
Each job description write in typing, put the signatures of officials present at the approval, printing of your organization, the date of approval. When drafting the text additionally refer to the qualification Handbook, approved by order No. 37 of the Ministry of labor dated 21.07.98., The GOST R 6.30-2003 and the second section of this standard. Each instruction should be numbered, for example DI-1, DI-2, etc.
Final approval DI is the order. The unified form of this order is not, therefore, make it free form on the letterhead of the organization. Specify the date of the order, number, basis. In this case, the basis will be the order "On approval of job descriptions".
Write down where, what, are you saying the username of the posts in the approval list. On the same line as the name of the post put the official number of the user, for example head of human resources DI 01. All the approval you can make a General list. If some instruction in the future you will make changes, then claim it as a separate order. Specify the date of the order, what number to put into effect all the instructions.