Try to change your old email to the new one. For this you need to perform several steps. Log in to the service using your username and password. After authorization was successful, you should go to "my account" or "My profile". You need to open the "Settings" tab, then there may be another point of "security settings" or "setup access". Click on it.
Then select "Edit personal details". Then you will be redirected to the page to change personal data. In the proposed window "E-mail" it is necessary to remove the old address and write the other name on the mailbox. Don't forget to save all modified data by clicking the cursor on the corresponding button. So you've changed your email Inbox.
If you suspect hacking, change the password in your current email address and account. Write down the new username together with a password from the box into your notebook or create a special folder on the computer. There are mail services, which are asked to confirm the operation for changing the email. To do this you click on the proposed link, which is sent to you in the previously existing mailbox. That is, after the performed operation check email on the subject of the notice from the appropriate server. If this message is not in the mail, the service does not provide for such actions, and your e-mail has been changed to a new one.