Change your nick, if you was in the mail For the right side top click on "Settings". Next, click on the tab "Accounts and import". Click on the "Edit" button. In the field "Change email address" must enter your name and click "Save changes". Make sure that in the tab "Accounts and import" new login is correct. If you use the email address from the mail server to change your nickname impossible. You will have to register a different box.
Change the name to Need to find a "Passport" in the settings. You will see a window "Personal data". Click on the link "change personal data". Then enter the username and click save. Restart Inbox. And "Yandex" allows to make not only new email but keep contacts and messages from old email.
Change the name to Mail.EN. You need to find on the page of the server dashboard "Else". You should open it and choose from the list "Personal data". In this field you can change any information including the alias. When you bring new information, then click on the "Save" button. If you want to change the username on the page "My world", then log in. Will start uploading your web pages. In the left corner you will find a list of settings.
Locate the penultimate element 'Form'. Click on this link to open the window to change data. Here you can get not only a new alias, but to change other information, such as name.