You will need
  • - Internet;
  • - e-mail.
Mail.gismonti name in mail mail.EN in the following way. Go to your e-mail. In the menu bar, which shows the tab "Write", "Test", "'" there is a tab "More". Click on it and click on "Settings". In the column on the left lists the sections that can make a difference. Select the line "Personal data". Start typing another name and click "Save".
Rambler-proctectomy to change the name on the website rambler, log on to your mailbox. In the upper right corner, hover over your username, which you enter when you log in to e-mail. In the pop-up list of tabs, select "My account". Click on the words "Change data". In the line "last Name" enter the new name and click "Save".
Yandex-occasonal name in mail yandex can be the same as in the previous step. Log on to your mailbox by typing the username and password. Hover the mouse arrow on your username in the top right corner and click on the tab "Passport". Change the name and select Save.
Gmail - mail GoogleПоменять name in Inbox google, and other sites is easy. Top right click your name and select "Profile". Next to your name click "Edit profile". Hover over the name and click on it right mouse button. In the opened window, enter the changed name in the designated box and click "Save".