How to change login and password "Vkontakte . On the left hand side is a menu. There is a variety of items, locate and select "My settings . There is a list of all settings. Stop your eyes on "General settings. Scroll down a bit and you will see the inscription: to change the email address (or login) and change password. There you can change the username and password. But! Be careful! To change the username or email address, do not know the old, but without the old password new can be done.
How to change the password and login In the upper left corner find: settings, help and exit. Of course, go into the settings. Open the "view mail . Bottom left blue color will be marked "Rambler ID : personal details, password change and customize your avatar. Change password you can change password. But the change in login in the settings is not provided.
Twitter also does not have the complicated technique of changing the password. In the upper right corner of your photo, and written next to nick. Click on it. Get out three items: settings, help, and exit. Go to settings. There will be a few paragraphs. Find the password. There will be able to change it. Go to the settings and other method. When you log on to the page, opens your profile. Under the photo it can be changed. So you again go into the settings menu, where already known method can change the password.
It should be noted that you can change your password always, we need only peruse the settings, but the change login include not all sites. For example, the mailboxes and other addresses always remain the same, and the passwords can be changed as much as you want. But most importantly - do not forget your passwords and always record them carefully to avoid errors and always it was no problem to go to your website.