Creating e-mail box in the registration field you enter personal data that is wanted to open his interlocutors. Typically, users try to maintain the accuracy of the information, so if you changed the name, moved to another city or got a new job, change the registration settings in the system.
Login at your e - mail. On the top toolbar of the box, find the "Settings" tab. Sometimes settings are hidden as these parameters are queried rarely. View additional functions when working with mail, you can click the "More" button on the upper toolbar.
The "settings" of the mailbox include many components. If you wish to change personal information entered during registration, select the menu "Personal data". Pointing the cursor in the information field, delete the old data and write new. Please note that fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory. If you want this information visible to other users of the email system, put a tick in the appropriate box. If you want to hide personal information, on the contrary, uncheck the "Display this data in my profile". Now the users registered in the e - mail will be able to find your e-mail address for your personal data.
If you are a user of the system "My world" on the electronic service you can change the settings for "My world" and "Mail agent" in the same settings window of the personal data.
To confirm their action and the security of your personal data at the bottom of the settings window enter the current password for the mailbox. After that hit "Save changes" and "OK". When you go to your email next time, you will see a new personal data.