The name of the owner of the box can still be modified by clicking settings in the upper right corner, but the Inbox cannot be renamed. If you need a different name, email, register a new mailbox. In order to be able to recover the password if you forget it, then in the personal settings, enter the mobile number and answer the security question. This data will help you quickly recover lost password. Better to memorize new data, record them in your diary or just a notebook. Should not these records be stored in electronic form on your computer.
Old Inbox you can delete. This procedure is simple enough to make a few clicks. Let's say you have a mailbox on Yandex. On the page "Yandex", click on the line "to get in the mail" located in the top right corner of the page.Enter your details: username and password. When you open your Inbox, go to "settings".
Look in the settings the "delete" link. Confirm your intention by typing in the form the password of your mailbox. Click on the "Delete" link. All your box from the system removed
If you don't want to delete the old mailbox and you still interested in the correspondence which it comes, enable "Collect mail from other mailboxes". The collector can even collect mail from ten mailboxes. To do this, click on the link "Settings" at the top right corner and on the next page of settings, select "Collecting the mail".
In the window that appears, enter the username and password, and then the collector of the correspondence will be set automatically. For most popular email services, it is sufficient to specify in the dialog the username and password that you use to access this mail service. The collector set up rules for mail processing. If you over time this feature will not be satisfied, you can change it in the settings just disable the "collect mail from other mailboxes".