You will need
  • the Internet;
  • the username and password from the email
If we consider the four main email service, the most common among users: Bing, Yandex, and Gmail, none of them gives the possibility to change the username or email address without registering a new one. But the e-mail on Yandex allows you to make new Inbox, saving contacts and emails from your old mailbox.
Register a new box in Yandex by clicking on the link "create a mailbox" on the left side of the screen. A new box will be completely empty, except for a welcome letter from Yandex. But if you want you can have access to your old emails on your old mailbox that would be almost tantamount to changing the login. For this you need to configure the mail Fetcher from the old box."
Go to new registered box with the new login, click "Settings" in the upper right corner of the page. The second item among the tunes is "Collecting the mail", click on the link.
Enter in the address field and the password for the old email, hit "customize". Page appears with the settings of the garbage mail offering to store the original letters in the box to copy addresses from contacts, assign all the letters of a label. You can also choose the folder where you want to place the letters from the old box. Thus, you get a new mailbox with a different login, which will your old contacts and emails. If you need to disable this function, go to "mail Collection" and click "Off" next to the address of the old box under "Connected boxes".
An interesting way out of the situation also offers e-mail Gmail. If you already have a Gmail account, register here the new mailbox with the new login by clicking the top of the page "Register new account". Enter the address of your old address, new password and necessary information. After registration, go to old mail and fill in the form in which you specify the new username, password, security question, the password of the new mailbox and other data. To confirm these data, enter your phone number. You will receive a message with a confirmation code that must be entered into the string.
Go to any of the mailboxes: new or old. Click in the top left corner and select "account Settings". Opposite the section "Multiple sign-in" click on "Change". Tick required items: to use multiple accounts in the browser or one. Click "Save".
To make the changes take effect, you must exit mail and re-enter. Now click on your name in the upper right corner, select "Sign in with a different account". It is thus possible to switch between the two mailboxes. If you want to change the login email of other services, you must register a new box.