If you don't know who exactly is a rival, try to find out: check the list of phone contacts, look at a corporate party to his colleagues, you may recognize a possible rival by the smell of perfume. Or listen to the insistent calls "friends", informing about the whereabouts of your spouse in the company of another woman and so on...
Not only that, you have to clean myself up appearance, to lose weight or to get better – it really depends on the preferences of your men, but to try to get rid of the opponent.
If you already know who is his passion, you can make friends with her, then it will be easier to control the situation and get rid of the opponent.
If you have long been familiar with her, invite her more often to his house. And then try to discredit it in the eyes of his husband.
Perfect if you are giving a party and I will try to acquaint the mistress of her husband with some bachelor.
Then, if she going on a date with another man, and your husband learns from you about this in great secrecy, he won't be so sure of the loyalty of this girl.
If the opponent is serious and expects to destroy your marriage, then you may spoil her reputation in the eyes of relatives and superiors, friends and colleagues. You can just call and tell about her "adventures".
If a girl calls your husband to call her for any reason, without giving a long break to rest. Offer to talk seriously.
Put her profile on the Dating sites. Give me the phone number of the admirers. Surely, your husband the fact that his mistress talking with strange men who will have no taste.
Demonstrate in presence of the competitor tenderness towards her husband. Girl most likely will start to get nervous,give him the tantrums out of jealousy. And in any situation you try to keep the peace and goodwill.
Do not deny her husband in the vicinity, if he will come. Your poise and care can be decisive factors that will push a man to the thought of going back to where it really love.