Try not to bring the case to a situation like: "Like snow on the head"! Believe me, it will be too cruel, even if your wife is also to blame for the cooling of feelings. For any normal woman to suddenly find out that she has a rival, a severe shock. And if in addition the husband is going to her to leave. The case could result in, at best, extreme stress in the worst – resistant disorder of health. You don't want then to be tormented by remorse?
Take advance steps to ensure that the wife began to suspect. If she's already puzzled by the idea that, if you were cheating on her, psychologically, the subsequent explanation will be easier. Linger more often than usual, as if by forgetfulness, use of perfume lovers. Any woman would instantly smell of unfamiliar perfume!
Her questions and reproaches, answer with feigned indignation: why, Yes as a thought you could all come to a head, you know that you're the only one I have! Try that excuse sounded very lame.
Begin to show discontent, fault-finding, saying, prepare you, darling, unimportant, and in the house an eternal mess. It will strengthen the wife to the idea that you have an object for comparison, and he – alas! – not in her favor.
And finally, admit it. At the same time try to take all the blame for the breakup on yourself, stand it in the sense that you are simply unworthy of such a wonderful woman like your wife. She will still be bad, but the shock will not be as strong as it could be.
Before leaving my wife for the mistress, think not three, but thirty-three times! Since there is no guarantee that you will not make a fatal, unforgivable mistake. It is in this case, try to leave my wife maximally peaceful. Who knows, if you have to return, asking for forgiveness?