Advice 1: How to tell his wife about the mistress

Life is life, it happens. Even the faithful, loving husband may suddenly fall in love with another woman. At first, he comforts the conscience by the arguments: "Well, what to do, so to me nature has created! The novel will end soon, the wife never finds out, not to worry." But what if feeling for his mistress is getting stronger and stronger, if it is displacing a wife from the hearts of men? Sooner or later the day will come when my wife will have to tell the unpleasant truth. How to do it better?
How to tell his wife about the mistress
Try not to bring the case to a situation like: "Like snow on the head"! Believe me, it will be too cruel, even if your wife is also to blame for the cooling of feelings. For any normal woman to suddenly find out that she has a rival, a severe shock. And if in addition the husband is going to her to leave. The case could result in, at best, extreme stress in the worst – resistant disorder of health. You don't want then to be tormented by remorse?
Take advance steps to ensure that the wife began to suspect. If she's already puzzled by the idea that, if you were cheating on her, psychologically, the subsequent explanation will be easier. Linger more often than usual, as if by forgetfulness, use of perfume lovers. Any woman would instantly smell of unfamiliar perfume!
Her questions and reproaches, answer with feigned indignation: why, Yes as a thought you could all come to a head, you know that you're the only one I have! Try that excuse sounded very lame.
Begin to show discontent, fault-finding, saying, prepare you, darling, unimportant, and in the house an eternal mess. It will strengthen the wife to the idea that you have an object for comparison, and he – alas! – not in her favor.
And finally, admit it. At the same time try to take all the blame for the breakup on yourself, stand it in the sense that you are simply unworthy of such a wonderful woman like your wife. She will still be bad, but the shock will not be as strong as it could be.
Before leaving my wife for the mistress, think not three, but thirty-three times! Since there is no guarantee that you will not make a fatal, unforgivable mistake. It is in this case, try to leave my wife maximally peaceful. Who knows, if you have to return, asking for forgiveness?

Advice 2: What if his wife fell in love with another

Unfortunately, not all marriages are durable. Love between spouses may fade. Is that the reason for the dissolution of Union is the love of the wife for another man.
Try to save your marriage
In such situations, the husband may ask questions about what he did wrong, why his wife loved another guy, if I were to save the family. Misunderstanding and resentment towards his wife, understandable feelings. In order to get out of this situation, you need to understand the situation and their own feelings.

Talk to your wife

It is not necessary to get away from problems and pretend that nothing happened. At the same time, rolling his wife scandal because of her feelings for the other man also out. Better to calmly discuss the situation together.

Of course, to deal with emotions and tune in to constructive conversation in this case is very difficult. But understand that your wife is not a thing and not a robot. The fact that she loved another, could happen totally against her will. Respect her choice and appreciate the fact that she found the courage to be honest and decent towards you. Your woman opened all the cards and not beginning to lead a double life, tricking you. At least for that it can thank.

Be patient and listen to the position of his wife. Maybe her story will help you make useful conclusions and adjust their own behavior in the future. Perhaps your spouse say that your marriage was wrong or how your behavior pushed her away.
Of course, it would be better to discuss problems at the time, but take this situation for granted, and remove from it at least some benefit.

Check out the feelings

Maybe the situation have not gone away, and your spouse is deceived in his feelings. If you don't want to lose her, try to save your marriage. Pay more attention to your wife, give her flowers. Invite your spouse in a restaurant or theater, organize a trip to the country in which she had long wanted to visit.

Perhaps this is not the end of your love, and of a crisis. How well you will cope with this challenge largely depends on your sensitivity and patience. Make excitement and variety in your love life, give compliments and gifts, make surprises for my wife.
Show your wife that you need it. Prove that you love her and try to awaken her feelings.

Release spouse

If your efforts have not led to result, can only let go of his wife. Understand that your relationship has changed forever. By force you will not keep the woman he loves. Don't blame her for what happened and don't beat yourself up over her leaving.

From what you break up is not civilized, and scandal, no one will win. It is unlikely you will be friends in the future, but to save any human relationship worth it.

Advice 3: Whether to divorce his wife if the mistress is pregnant

The wife or the mistress? Many men around the world ask this question. But the special piquancy is given by the fact that the mistress is pregnant, and the decision to leave his wife and not ripe.
Whether to divorce his wife if the mistress is pregnant
Men who have a wife and a mistress, often fall in an awkward situation when a lover is expecting a baby, and the divorce was not yet. And don't even know if he did. Whether to escape from lawful spouse to your pregnant friend? There are many aspects that you need to weigh.

Love or habit?

First, look at your spouse, your marriage is a sober look. Whether your relationship has no love, but there was only routine and habit? Perhaps the pregnancy of his mistress – this is another reason to see how important to you your wife.

Secondly, think about whether you need your mistress. After all, to meet and to spend some time together – this is not love. If you leave from the wife to the mistress, where is the guarantee that the new marriage you will have to expect the same routine and habit? Are you ready to give up their way of life to new relationships that may be repeating old.

Thirdly, tell your wife about the situation you're in. After all, it is also a concern. A wise and loving wife will help you to understand. Of course, your affair will please her a little, but it is possible that your family relations will reach a new level. It is no wonder that you married this woman? It is possible that all the other family problems will recede into the background, joining you in addressing this sensitive and delicate issue.

The wife or the mistress?

If a pregnant mistress is your beloved and desirable woman, and the marriage you have been thorities, the question can not be. You need to go. A new relationship and a new family will bring you joy, and the legitimate wife will be able to start a new and happy life.

If you love your wife, and your cheating was a mistake, then change wife for a mistress, though pregnant, is not worth it. Here is the correct to solve the issue of what to do with the baby. The decision whether to leave him or to terminate the pregnancy, does not depend on you. It's always women. You also need to have a right to take it. If the mistress keeps the baby, but you don't go, it does not mean that all the responsibility off your shoulders subsides. The child is not to blame for the fact that you don't like his mom.

Before you decide whether to leave his wife if the mistress is pregnant, look closely at the two women, his attitude toward them and their attitude towards you. Do not hide anything from both sides, because this is a touchy issue for all three. Don't be afraid to hurt and inconvenience the truth. It is always better than a lie that can come out at the most unexpected and inconvenient time.

Advice 4: How to be a wife and lover

The second half of the lover can be a serious problem in relationship of couples. Or, conversely, to be a nice addition to a romantic relationship. It all depends on how the mistress to build a relationship with the lawful wife of her lover.
How to be a wife and lover
If your goal is to get a man in undivided use, to stand on ceremony with his wife not necessarily. So you can just tell her about your affair with her man. In most cases, the offended opponent kicked unfaithful husband out of the house. However, this method is fraught with the fact that your lover may never forgive such initiatives and this will not to you.
Much easier, say the psychologists, not to go into conflict with the wife of your beloved, but instead, befriend her. However, be prepared for the fact that not every betrayed woman will want to have something in common. Own initiative does not show, wait for that moment when you realize that it is not only ready, but she wants to meet with you and talk.
Be ready, to gain her trust and agree that a you will share one man in two will be difficult. However, nothing is impossible. Just if you both are wise enough to understand her husband and lover, and then to find a common language easier. After all, there are a number of men who lack only one woman. And with this they can not do anything. If they have the ability to adequately contain both one and the other woman, and to negotiate will be easy.
Alternatively, you can just accept its presence, the truth is not to seek and be content with your position mistress. This is one of the easiest ways to co-exist with my wife's lover - don't need to see anyone, nothing to discuss and consider. If you agree to always settle for the role of the second plan, then the spouse of the man she loved to bother not necessarily.
The main rule, do not rush to the explanatory conversations, accusations and arguments without thinking. To start, sit, breathe and think carefully about everything. Weigh all the pros and cons of either of your decision, think about what awaits you when you open the card before the wife loved. If you are tired of being a mistress and want a stable relationship, not necessarily to destroy someone else's family. Simply put the point in the novel with a non-free man and find a partner suitable to you only.
Useful advice
Whichever option you choose, try to leave the situation with dignity. Do not make the scandals and ugly showdown. After all it is your happiness "illegally". So you less than anyone should present itself as a victim.
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