In a frantic race against time and competitors, other values become secondary. Family, children, relationship between spouses cease to exist in its true form. Love is measured by the amount of money and opportunities. What happened to the romance of the first meetings? Killed grey workdays. In this situation nobody is to blame, but the collapse of family foundations and be dirty talk about loyalty and devotion. It's never too late to stop and reflect on the causes of constant chasing career. Most people think that doing this for the future of the family. Ask the child whether he wants the success of a parent or the love of something else?

Modernity thinks the money is a wonderful tool of wish fulfillment, gifts and ordinary human attention on different sides of the barricades. Hugging a loved one and whispering in your ear compliments or love, plays through a few years of marriage more than just another gift for the anniversary. Walking down the street, take the hand to his companion. Every time, going to work or the store, hug and kiss her. If a man is revealed in the strong light of the world, then he can apologize to his beloved for her nervous breakdowns and suspicion. Power able to forgive, and this is biblical truth. Whichever seemed the guardian of the family hearth, weakness and need for protection from today's harsh time is required constantly. Don't forget it ever.

What would the stub not included family situation, the husband can always fix things with their tenderness and attention to the companion. The scandal is an attempt to get the attention of the opponent. Why in the beginning it was not? Beloved object are not left without attention. The reasons are as old as the world. Don't know what to do, study the history of mankind. All repeats with periodic constancy. The same questions haunted the ancestors. Technology stepped far forward, but people remained the same doubting in doing the right thing and fighting against the greyness of everyday life.