Your husband is too to carefully monitor their appearance. No, he was never a slob, but the interest in fashionable men's fragrances clearly no accident. And new expensive shirt he chose for himself, but before closet spouse was your sole concern.
He's always in a good mood, often literally in the clouds, listens to you attentively. It happens in the first stage, happy love. You are already used to the fact that my husband loves to grumble and find fault with some detail, but today at Breakfast, even salted eggs did not cause his resentment.
Helpful husband is gentle with you. It would seem, to rejoice. But you live long enough together to understand that so he may try to drown his guilt in front of you. Realizing that sooner or later the truth will come out, he coaxed you in advance.
His phone is constantly strum once for free. Men in General are not very fond of this kind of communication, but women in love love to send a gentle message. Should also alert the nowhere who took the habit of the spouse to run out of room with the phone and negotiate almost the bathroom (away from prying ears).
Had a lot of new Hobbies: now on weekends my husband to catch. It turns out that his classes at the fitness club last the whole day! Yeah, it really was noticeably more fit. But still good idea to know the training schedule. After all, you can do together, how it will look?
But still the most reliable way to find out if her husband's other woman - ask him about it. To resort to this method is only if you are really ready to hear the truth. Such radical moves not for you? Then just wait. Serious side difficult long to hide, all the secret sooner or later become apparent.