Advice 1: How to know what traffic fines on the number of orders

To comply with the rules of the SDA shall each driver. But not always and not everyone, unfortunately, is doing, often without even noticing. And when you have a receipt for payment of the fine, many just can't understand why he was discharged.
The resolution on imposition of penalty for violation of traffic rules

What is the penalty and how to avoid it

Fine - a monetary penalty, the measure of impact on the person, guilty of violation of certain rules established by law. On road rules, unfortunately, are violated constantly. To track violators, the service of the traffic police patrol the highways and installs surveillance cameras in the roadway that record the car number and the driver, in one way or another in conflict with the law. After some time at the postal address of the owner of the car comes notice of the imposition of monetary penalties and the receipt or details for payment.

To avoid the penalty is very simple, and it's obvious – you just need to follow the rules of driving on highways. The majority of fines issued for speeding and not all drivers agree to similar restrictions. However, as practice shows, the logic to install such restrictions by the government still exists, because each track can be seen as an emergency and dangerous sites of road recklessness which can turn into a tragedy.

How to know for any violation the fine was imposed

Received mail notice of the imposition of the fine, most drivers are puzzled and can't understand what is the violation they are punished. A similar situation arises when the violation was recorded by a surveillance camera, or if the owner lent the car to someone that is not a man who was driving the car. Of course, before you pay the fine, you need to understand something for which it was imposed.

Learn about the reasons for the imposition of monetary penalties is very simple. In ruling that the offender gets together with the receipt form, the names of participants of incident, place where it occurred and the date. If the incident was recorded on video, the resolution must be printed a photo where clearly visible registration number of the vehicle. In addition, the decree describes in detail the composition and circumstances of the offence, article of the law that was violated and the penalty prescribed by law for this article.

You can check the data by entering the number of the decision on the penalty issued to the database of traffic police. It has all the data about all offences committed by a particular driver or with the participation of a specific vehicle.

How to pay the fine

To pay a fine for a traffic violation it is possible via payment terminals of any Bank, at the post office or using your personal account on online resource your Bank. For payment you will need the details specified on the receipt or in the resolution on imposition of punishment.

Advice 2: How to find out my fines for traffic violations

Unpaid fines can spoil not only mood but also significantly reduce the thickness of the purse. In addition, the bailiffs can impose limitations on the inspection and all registration actions with your car. To avoid unpleasant situations, it is best to keep your finger on the pulse and know whether you have a duty to the state. There are several ways. One of them is a personal visit to the Department of administrative practice of traffic police.
How to find out my fines for traffic violations
You will need
  • Driver's license, INN, pension insurance certificate
Please contact the nearest branch of the traffic police. Having your driver's license, you can easily obtain information about the existing penalties. In addition, it is possible to pay the debts.
How to find out my fines for traffic violations
Another option is to get the fines on driver's license via the Internet. Go to the website of the traffic police at Go to "violations and penalties", then click on the hyperlink "' and receipt.
How to find out my fines for traffic violations
On the page that the link is the highlighted line which says about the service by which you can learn about the presence or lack of penalties. Go to the site and sign up. For this you will need a room of your INN and the insurance pension certificate. Such a search system to restrict access of information to unauthorized users who might not know your ID number. Also, if necessary, you can print directly from the website of receipt for payment to the Bank.
How to find out my fines for traffic violations
Useful advice
Do not look for information on fines at the informal sites.
If the fine was issued to you more than a year ago, it is unlikely that you will be able to find it in the database, since in accordance with article 31.9 of the administrative code, all fines "older" years are cancelled.
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