You will need
  • - nourishing mask;
  • Cape;
  • brush;
  • comb with a few teeth and clips.
  • - hair dye.
Throughout the week, before painting, root touch-up mind the hair, apply a nourishing mask, which include components such as egg yolk, olive or vegetable oil, lemon juice and yeast.
The day before painting staining test for allergic reaction: apply a bit of paint on my elbow, if the skin appears redness, can begin to paint.
Paint roots of hair only on the third day after throttling. Read the instructions supplied with the paint to continue to avoid confusion with the hair color, and in accordance with it, prepare the paint.
Throw on your shoulders a Cape or an old towel to protect the garment against accidental contact with the paint. For uniform staining spray the hair with water from a spray bottle.
Comb wet hair comb with a few teeth and divide them into four equal parts, making two additions. Each part screw, and tighten the clamps. On the face bordering the hair, apply a rich cream and wear disposable gloves.
Proceed to the coloring of the hair roots under the front clip, because in this place they are more likely to attract attention. With a brush apply a thin layer of paint first on the Central parting from forehead to nape, and then through every inch of make another parting and color roots on both sides. Each strand is painted set it aside until it has processed the entire front part of the hair.
Then remove one clip at the nape, and from the top guide side parting. Lift the strand up and will color the roots, then put the painted strand forward. Make a new parting and repeat your actions until you paint all the hair in the occipital area.
For oxygen, lift the hair comb top. After 15 minutes for even coloring comb the hair along its entire length. Then after another 15 minutes, wash off the paint with warm water and rinse your hair with shampoo.