You will need
  • - tinting paint;
  • an oxidizer;
  • - resistant paint for the hair;
  • - remover;
  • - tincture of Cayenne;
  • - mustard powder;
  • - sugar;
  • - olive oil;
  • - the yolk.
If your hair was bleached, then toniruja them to make the transition between growing roots and the length was not very sharp. Toning is different from regular painting because it almost does not harm the hair. Commonly used 2 oxidant: 3% or 1.8%. 1,8% gives the hair a more dark shade. Tinting tools and oxidizers are sold in shops of professional cosmetics.
Mix in a non-metallic bowl, tinting paint and oxidizer. Apply them on dry hair. The paint can be applied on all hair, only bleached. After the time specified in the instructions, rinse the paint with water. The tinting lasts on bleached hair 1-2 months, then it washed out completely and the procedure must be repeated.
Longer hair is kept resistant paint. It is tone on tone with the natural hair color. The oxidant used in this case 3%.
If your hair was painted in a color darker than your natural, then make the pickling (a wash of pigment). Purchase in shop of professional cosmetics, means for removing pigment from the hair. Apply it on dry hair, soak the allotted time and rinse, repeat until, until you achieve the desired shade of hair.
2-3 times a month shear the tips of the hair in a barbershop.
Use tools that accelerate hair growth. It can be as expensive pharmaceutical products and homemade masks. The most simple are warming mask. Due to heat they increase blood supply to the scalp and improve nutrition of hair follicles.
Mix the alcohol tincture of Cayenne pepper ("pepper vodka") with water at a ratio of 1:1. Apply the mixture on the scalp for an hour 1 time a week. After applying you should feel warmth and a slight burning sensation. If not, then next time add more water or try to use "pepper vodka" from another manufacturer.
Mix 2 tbsp mustard powder, 1 tsp sugar, 2 tbsp hot water 2 tbsp olive oil and 1 egg yolk. Apply the mixture on the scalp for 40 minutes, then wash with shampoo. Repeat every week.