The selection of the counter by the principle of economy

Recently, very often began to apply two-tariff counters. Their main difference from the traditional single-rate lies in the fact that their working time is divided into two periods: from morning to evening and from evening until morning. This is necessary in order to cities it was possible to unload the mains, reducing the cost of a kilowatt at night. Therefore, during the second rate from 23.00 to 7.00 am the electrical energy is cheaper than afternoon and evening. Two-tariff meter is recommended when you have in the house the powerful consumers of electric energy, such as:
Underfloor heating,
- washing machine,
- the heaters.

If you have no customers then you could fit an ordinary single-rate meter, as it costs less and is more reliable.

Selection of counters for the power consumption

When you purchase the meter it is necessary to pay attention to the conditional average power consumed by the household. Standard electrical power in the apartment or in a private house equal to 10 kW, where the load current is 60 amps. All electric meters are calculated for frequency of the working network of 50 Hertz. If you load more than 10 kW, you need to buy a meter with a current of 100 A.

In order to determine the power consumption of the load in the house, you need to review the passport to the electric devices, wherein the power of each. Thus it is necessary to take into account the average working time per day of these electrical appliances. By adding up the indicators, you will get average power consumption, needed for selecting the counter.

Mechanical and electronic counters

Modern meters are divided into mechanical and electronic. It should be noted that the mechanical is more reliable, but the electronic meters allow you to store various data of the electrical network, such as the peaks of power consumption, the voltage drops in the network and many other parameters depending on the modifications of the counter.

Utility companies require installation in some regions of the counters and their possible connection to AMR system (automatic control system of energy accounting). This system allows you to take readings on energy consumption without your participation in automatic mode.

When you select the counter you need to consult the utility company about the types of permitted use of a counter, as currently sold are a lot of different options, which in some regions are not permitted for use.