Before you purchase the counter on the hot or cold water, check in your misinformation, find out which counters are permitted for installation in a residential facility in your area. Talk with experts who are familiar with the features of water supply system in your home, they will advise you what the necessary specifications must have counter pressure and operating temperature of water, the limit value of the adder, the limit of sensitivity, the permissible head loss in the installation environment and application field.
Remember that the type of construction of the counters for water are the turbine and the wing which are virtually indistinguishable from each other. Regardless of the type of construction, their purpose – proper flow measurement of water, so the main requirement for the device is that it needs to be made without violation of the established technology.
Today it is more popular to meters based on mechanical principle of action, they differ in versatility, but are characterized by greater reliability and performance. Proper metering of water – their main operational characteristics.
In addition to mechanical, there are automatic counters that can independently give their testimony in dispatch centers. Their cost is very high, and the technology is still imperfect, so give preference to a mechanical counter.
What is the counter to choose imported or domestic, is not essential, because in Russia these devices are manufactured on imported equipment with the use of foreign technologies.