Determine the total current that consumes all the electrical appliances in your dwelling (excluding located on the ceiling chandeliers). To do this, first fold them in power, if necessary, put the amount in watts, then divide the result by the voltage, expressed in volts. The result is in amps. At this current, and select machines.
Find out the electrician, what is the maximum amperage designed your wiring. If you find that it is designed for smaller current, than one that consumes all of your appliances at the same time, respectively, decrease and current expected by the machines. Never plugged in at the same time the devices that consume more total current.
Remember that if the connections between the wires and the terminals in the socket is weakened, your wiring is able to withstand without heating a much smaller current than that for which it is designed. When de-energized wiring tighten the terminal blocks in all the outlets. Do not overtighten the screws to avoid breaking the socket. If you are confident in your abilities, leave this operation electrician.
Separately calculate the total current consumption of the chandeliers located at the ceiling, in the same way as for other electrical appliances. Take into account the maximum power of light bulbs, specified in the passport of the chandeliers, even if you really screwed the bulb less power. Remember that the maximum power indicated on the cartridge, is valid only for the cartridge, as calculated without taking into account the properties of shade. Therefore, for relevant data refer only to the documentation on the chandelier.
Selecting the rated current of the machines, you can buy them. Installing entrust their electrician even if you are well versed in this area. This is due to the fact that to disconnect the wiring to connect the machines can only the staff of the housing Department.
Remember the principle of operation of circuit breakers. If the current through the machine only marginally exceed nominal protection will work immediately, but only after heating the bimetallic element. In case of short circuit the machine will work immediately. Never check neither specifically.