You will need
  • -permission from the vendor
  • -statement
  • cable
  • counter
  • machines for the cluster appliances
  • -a contract on supply of electricity
With the passage of the lines away from your site summing up light you'll pay for your account. Can negotiate with the neighbouring landowners and share costs at all or to write a collective letter to the electricity company.
Write an application to the company for the supply of electricity to the population's desire to hold to the area electricity. Please specify what power you want to consume. Authorizing documents will be prepared within one month.
While preparing documents, buy all necessary for switching light. The electric cable must correspond to the declared capacity and to be special for outdoor wiring. Will buy the meter. Better to buy it in organizations engaged in the installation of these devices. On Board, you must install the machines, which will serve as short circuit protection.
After receiving the documents, hire an expert, which you will attach the cable from the pole to the site. Call the organization on the installation of metering devices.
After installation of all equipment and connecting cables from the power lines to your plot call in a specialist from the Department of control of electricity. You will seal the meter.
Sign a contract for the supply of electricity. It is formalized in Department of work with subscribers.
Only after the conclusion of the Treaty and the sealing counter you can start to use electricity on the plot.