Especially convenient use of hot keys when working on the laptop, as this is a mobile version of the computer and it is used practically in most different areas – in transport, on the street, in cafes or in recreational areas, not only at home or at work. Therefore, if you do not work hot keys, slows the process and reduces its efficiency. Sometimes there are situations when you are using hot keys for any function is not executed. One of the most common causes is viruses. Usually in this case problems arise in the work of different programs and applications to them. It is recommended to restore the normal operation of the computer cleaning the system from viruses by using a good antivirus program and if it will not work is to format the hard disk, and then reinstall the system. On laptops, where to work with hot keys use special key Fn and the cause of failure hot keys are installed operating systems and other driver versions other than those installed by the manufacturer. In this case, reinstall the native OS with the appropriate drivers, or produce fine-tuning a new operating system. If it does not give the desired result, there is a special utility Manager hot key and assigned it manually in the necessary combination.Hot keys in Windows sometimes temporarily or completely cease to operate, what is the features of this operating system, since it shortcuts are divided into local, global, for a specific program or global to the operating system. This feature of the system sometimes leads to the fact that the global combination, used in different programs, will run only one of them, while others will not work, is the so-called intercept teams.In some programs, the hot keys don't work for Russian keyboard layout, you need to go to the English version. Modern multimedia keyboards have additional custom buttons for media control, some programs (Calculator, Word, etc. These keysusually can be programmed. In some types of these keyboards hot keys may not work or work incorrectly.