Breaking keyboard on laptop – the problem is much more unpleasant than a similar incident on a normal computer, because in the first case we are talking about an integral part of a single unit, it can not be turn off, pulling the plug and replace with another. Glad that damage of this kind – a very rare event, but if you ran into him and want to know why it happened, is acquainted with the most likely causes of the problem.

The failure of the program

Probably was a glitch in the operating system, and it has ceased to respond to pressing the buttons. For example, was rejected by the drivers. To test this version, restart your laptop go into the BIOS by holding the Del key, if it does not work, try F1, F2. If the keyboard responds in the BIOS, boot the computer in safe mode, so you can be sure the keypad is working in these conditions or not.

Poor contact of the loop

If you work with a laptop long enough, the problem may be related to oxidation or depressed contacts on the keyboard ribbon cable. To find out what the cause of this is really possible, only if you disassemble the laptop. Inspect the ribbon cable, disconnecting it. If you notice obvious damage, so they cause damage to the keyboard. The problem is solved by replacing the Flex cable. If everything is normal, the contacts should be wiped with alcohol, then return the loop back on and test.

Failure of the microcontroller or water treatments

The keyboard may refuse because of the burned microcontroller or as a result of flooding it with liquid. In this case, to help you come only a specialist service centre, to identify the hardware parts that are out of order and you can own, but to replace them is very difficult. If the liquid spilled on the laptop, get on Board, this will lead to oxidation of its contacts, in this case, the keyboard completely stops functioning.

Spilling liquid on the keyboard, quickly unplug the laptop, pull the battery and dry with a Hairdryer on minimum mode, it is desirable to cool the air. This manipulation will prevent or slow down the oxidation process.

Contact your favorite equipment carefully, does not give her spilled coffee, do not drop or Bang the keyboard with your fingers as if in front of you mechanical typewriter, in gratitude, the laptop will last you much longer.