You will need
  • ОС Windows.
Press the Windows key or click the "start" button to open the main menu of the operating system. Click on the folder "All programs" or just hold for two seconds the mouse pointer on it - the folder will open in both cases and you will see a long list of all of its content. Scroll to the end, locate and expand the "Standard". In it and placed a link to launch the desired application ("Calculator") - click it. When you next start to repeat the whole sequence is not necessary, as the link to the Calculator will be in the list of recently used apps - you can see it immediately after opening the main menu OS.
In modern versions of Windows to run this program easy to use internal search engine. As in the previous method, open the main menu of the OS and immediately begin to type the word "calculator". After the second letter of your link will appear in the list of search results. To activate it, just press Enter or click the mouse.
Another way you can implement using run dialog programs. To access it, select in the main Windows menu the command "Run" or use "hotkey" Win + R assigned to this command. Then type the name of the executable file of the calculator - calc. Click the OK button or press Enter. This method works in all versions of the operating system the last 15 years, the last two, 7 and Vista, edit start programs can be replaced by using the above-described built-in search engine. Enter at her window in the main menu the name of the program file (calc), and a link to this file (calc.exe) will see the single line search result. To run the program press Enter.