Advice 1: How to switch between monitors

Connecting the projector to a computer or laptop takes time. Do not think that the projector as well as TV. In the operation of this device has its own nuances. It is not a Plug-and-Play. Much of the time is the heating of the projector and its setup. If you are working with the operating system Windows Seven, in this case, you can save much time the projector is turned on.
How to switch between monitors
You will need
  • Projector, computer, operating system Windows 7.
Quick inclusion to provide knowledge of a single key of your keyboard is English letter P. Why this letter? Projector English written Projector. Most of shortcuts the line of Windows are formed from abbreviations of words. For example, to open a file is Ctrl + O (Open), to save press Ctrl + S (Save). Thus, to switch on the projector, use the key combination Win +P. If you don't know where the Windows key, note the key that is between Ctrl and Alt keys (with image Microsoft company logo).
Clicking on this shortcut you will see a small window that contains 4 options:

- only a computer;

- duplicate;

- to expand;

- only projector.

With the first point is clear – this is the standard mode. A duplicate monitor is on, the projector will display all the actions you make on the desktop. When using a second monitor instead of a projector, select a mode expansion. This mode will allow you to perform multiple tasks. One monitor will be working with you and the child can watch their favorite cartoons on the other monitor.
The last mode is only for viewing images on the projector. This mode is convenient because the primary monitor is not included, allowing you to save battery power notebook.

Advice 2: How to switch between Windows

Standard tools of the Windows operating system allow you to switch between open Windows not just through the control panel. Without installing additional programs, you can navigate to the desired window using keyboard shortcuts.
Switching between Windows in three-dimensional mode is available in Windows Vista and 7
If your computer's operating system is Windows XP or an earlier version, to switch Windows you can use Alt and Tab. Hold the Alt key and press Tab. The screen will display a window with all the open Windows. Continue holding Alt and press Tab to select the desired window. Release the keys to the active window.
If your computer has Windows Vista or 7, you can also use Alt and Tab. The list of Windows will be presented not with icons as in previous versions of the operating system and small Windows. But there is another option. Hold down the Windows key (Windows logo), press the Tab key. Open Windows will appear on the screen in three dimensions. Press Tab or scroll the mouse wheel to select the desired window.

Advice 3: How to switch between operating systems

In the process of computer operation, the situation may arise when you need to test the functioning of a particular software on different operating systems. Or part of the programs strictly intended for a specific operating system, while everyone else is working under your main "OS". Anyway, quite often, users wonder: "How do I switch between operating systems?".
How to switch between operating systems
You will need
  • Computer running operating systems that Acronis OS selector
To solve this problem is designed with specialized software. One such program is Acronis OS selector. This program allows you to switch between operating systemsinstalled on your computer. And to switch prompts the user friendly menu.
In order to enable switching between systems, install the download Manager operating systems Acronis OS Selector 8.0. After the installation Manager will restart the computer. When you reboot OS Selector will create a FAT partition, which will write the necessary boot files. After you create the partition, restart the computer again.
After restarting the Manager will assume control and begin the search of the OS that is installed on your personal computer. According to the search results OS Selector will form a list of downloadable operating systems.
To switch between the systems, launch the installed application. In the main window will display a list of operating systems that the Manager found when scanning your hard drive. The system that is used currently, will be selected from the total list of color.
From the list, select the operating system you want to load. Click "customize" located in the top of the window and select "Download." Also for this action can be used the Enter key. The Manager will carry out the computer restart and load your chosen operating system.
If you want to change the operating system default boot, use the same setup. In this menu is responsible for this Select default and load". You can also use the key combination Ctrl+Enter.
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