The smallest children

Infants can be transported in the front seat only infant car seat. The safest position for infant toddler in the car seat "backwards". During emergency braking in this position will not have an abrupt nod of the head, dangerous to a small child. The weight of the head in babies is quite large, and the neck is still very weak; therefore, such a nod can be extremely dangerous for the baby.

When you put the car seat against the direction of motion (that is, the kid looks back) you have to disable the airbag if your vehicle is equipped with them. The baby is placed against the back cushions, so when you crash they cause in the head and the back of the child impact comparable to a blow with a sledgehammer. Therefore, the pillow does not provide security for the kid who sits in the car seat backwards, and can even ubiti it.

After a year to put a child in the front seat in the car seat and facing. In this case, you can disable the airbag, but you have to push the chair on the high back. This is necessary in order to compensate for the thickness of the seat. So the child will be at that distance from the airbag, which is necessary for their effective and safe operation.

Children under 12 years

Car seats are always designed for a certain weight and age of the child. At some point, many parents refuse to use car seats and booster. A booster is a seat without back guide for seat belt. Some boosters are equipped with armrests. In fact, it does not provide safety for the child, as it does not protect during a side impact. The booster only allows you to lift the baby a bit to a regular seat belt in the car passed through his shoulder. However, there is one "but" regarding the use of the booster in the vehicle: do not carry children under 12 years front seat, using a booster. At any age until the child reached 12 years in front it needs to be buckled in the car seat.

The booster is very inexpensive. But if you have the need to transport your child in the front seat, spend the money to buy a car seat. Models of car 2-3 category, designed for children aged approximately 12 years, have a very simple form designed to capture child belt car. The cost of this category of seats is very small when compared with the models for ages younger. But of course, this seat will cost you more than the booster.

Children older than 12 years

If your child has turned 12 years, you can safely put him in the front seat without any additional devices. Of course, you should fasten his seat belt.

Even more important than the age of 12 years and height of child 150 cm and above. With this increase, regular seat belts in the vehicle located on the shoulder of the person. Even if in 12 years your child is small stature, you must continue to be sure to use the seat. With the growth less than 150 sm seat belt in the event of an accident or slip off, or squeeze the baby's head, which can lead to very bad consequences.

Always remember that the front passenger seat is the most dangerous in the car. If possible, better put the baby behind the driver, where it's safest.