Advice 1: How to choose a car seat for a newborn

At present, more and more mothers become more independent and mobile. Every second starts to ride on long journeys by car with your baby since his birth. If you belong to one of these modern moms, car seat for a newborn should be buying Essentials. To correctly choose a suitable, you need to consider a number of requirements for this type of goods.
How to choose a car seat for a newborn
Taking into account the fact that car seats of different brands differ markedly from each other and have a number of individual characteristics, the chair that praises your girlfriend, can bring discomfort to your baby. Therefore, in order to make the right choice and not regret, you should wait a bit and choose a car seat with the child. If you still want to buy it in advance, just in case discuss the issue with the exchange with the Manager of the store where you purchased this product.
For newborns are perfect for two car seats group 0 (calculated on the weight from 0 to 10 kg) and 0+ (weight 0 to 13 kg). However, this is only a theory. In practice, selection of individual seats for each newborn child.
A good car seat needs to be upholstered not the brand colors, which can easily be removed for washing and has no uneven seams. Upholstery material must be of high quality, non-toxic textiles. Also, please pay particular attention to the car seat had the anatomical shape of the seat, headrest and durable handle for carrying. Please note that car seat for a newborn must have a special insert for the baby.
Once you have decided on the model of the chair, talk about passing the crash tests. Some of the popular manufacturers ceased to produce car seats of the group 0, as most of them have successfully passed the crash test. So, if you are offered "super reliable" car seat this group, please know that it does not guarantee 100% safety for your child.
Remember that for infants the safest way long trips is the seat, set back on a course of movement as the neck of the baby is still weak and requires maximum support. Don't forget, a correctly fitted seat is a guarantee of safety of your precious baby!

Advice 2: How to choose a good baby car seat

Buying a car seat is important. It preserves the health and life of your child in case of emergency. Therefore, it is important to know some points to choose a good car seat.
How to choose a good baby car seat

Choosing a car seat, you must pay attention to the assessment made by him after the crash test. Would be good to examine the results of these tests, conducted not only in Russia but also in other countries. On the car seat to be sure the inscription: ECE R44/03 or ECE R44/04.

Should determine exactly chair what age group would be appropriate for your child. Every child is different, including on the physique, therefore it is better to take the child with you to the store.

By means of fixing car seats are of two kinds: some are attached to the vehicle by seat belts, others have a mounting mechanism called Isofix.

Depending on the weight of the child, car seat choose from a specific group:

Group 0. Car seat for children weighing from birth to 9 kg.

Group 0+. Car seat for children weighing from birth to 13 kg.

Car seat group 0 and 0+ set only against the movement of the car. This is because a child is a very heavy head compared to the body, and he still can't do it well keep. The chairs of these groups has convenient handles for easy transfer of car seat. Also needed a soft small pillow under the baby's head.

Group 1. Car seat for children weighing from birth to 18 kg. Used approximately four years. They can be installed as against the movement, and in the course of it.

Group 1+. For children weighing 9 to 18 kg. can be set only during motion of the vehicle.

Group 2. For children weighing 9 to 25 kg. Use this chair for up to six years. Other manufacturers of car seats of this group are from 15 to 25 kg.

Group 3. For children weighing 22 to 36 kg (6 to 10 years), some manufacturers – from 15 to 36 kg (4 to 11 years). There are seats that can detach from the base. Without disturbing a sleeping baby, you can bring it home.

Transformers. This chair grows with the child, can be used by children weighing from 9 kg to 36 kg.

Child under one year of age, particularly up to six months, it is not necessary to go on long trips. In breastfed babies wasn't developed enough muscular system of the neck and heavy head ( ¼ of the weight of the body weight of the child) in the fall could hurt the baby. If, however, the child will have to go on long trips, you should pay attention to seat group 0, or collaborative groups 0/0+, 0/0+/1. The chair must be position where you will carry a child up to one year. Some seats from group 0 in crash test showed not very good results, so, if possible, you should refrain from long trips with the baby. The child seat is fixed with soft wide straps around the head should be additional impact protection. When buying carefully examine buckle-lock harness. It needs to be sturdy and are made so that the child is not able to open it independently. The lock should be covered by the protection of soft body tissue, so as not to harm the internal organs of a baby in the event of an impact. Rate the comfort of the pads on the seat belts in the shoulder area, they should not be free to slide down. As the children in the car, often falling asleep, it is important that the car seat was the ability to adjust the position of the back.

Another important factor when choosing a chair is the way it is mounted in the vehicle. There are chairs that hold regular car seat belt behind the back and behind the seat, and the baby – five-point car seat belt. It often happens that the chair set wrong, and it ensures the safety of your child. More reliable would be if you fasten the baby with the regular seat belt of the car. The existing Isofix mounting system allows you to securely install the car seat and your car may not be suitable for all cars, so make sure you have a special adapter.

Design car seat

When buying chairs fold the fabric, consider the rigid frame. Ask what he's material. Better if it is metal. The seat belts should not be questionable plastic elements. The seller must show you a way of attaching the seat and the child in it.

It is important to pay attention to side head protection, shoulder. If you are going to install the seat against the direction of movement of the car, disconnect the front airbag in the event of its availability. The safest place to install car seat is a rear seat.

Do not think about how to save money, because cheap non-certified chair dangerous to a child's life. The price of a really good car seat high but it is justified, because the parts are not cheap, and the price includes the guarantee of security of the child. The quality of the chair will speak and willing to do your baby sitting in it, how it is convenient.

Before you buy a chair, you need to make sure that it fits the profile of the seats and the length of the seat belts enough. In documents to the car seat with the Isofix mounting system locate my vehicle.

There comes a time when the child grew up from the car seat, which goes. If the head protrudes over the top edge of the back on third or exit belt located below the shoulders, it's time to buy another chair.

In no case do not buy the chair with it, because the chair could go in the accident, and about it you the seller will not tell. Buy only new from the store. Seriously take care the safety of your child.

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