All the chairs are divided by age. Newborn 2: 0 and 0+. Both suitable for transportation, but it has some pros and cons. Each family will decide for themselves what will be more convenient.

The chair marked "0"

The infant seat like a cradle. It is designed in such a way that the baby is inside in the position of almost lying down. Finding a flat horizontal form is prohibited on safety. The chair also allows you to place the baby so that there is no load on the spine, the head follows. Since this time is the formation of bone and cartilage, warp back, and this is very important.

Seat for the newborn is secured in the back seat, occupies two seats. The child sits in there sideways in the direction of motion. It is very well fixed position and a specially-retained head. This chair can only be used up to a year. It is important if you plan to often take the baby anywhere. The maximum weight that can be in a child is 10 kg.

This chair is fixed in the vehicle. Often it is not portable, need to remove the child from the cradle. Transfer together with the chair are not possible in all cases. Specify design features in stores. When buying, make sure that the car seat belt can lock this mechanism securely it will hold. Sometimes you have to lengthen the seat belts to the seat fit.

The chair marked "0+"

This chair is suitable for a longer period. Weight from 3 kg to 15 kg. This means it will last almost 2 years. While it is back to motion. Can be attached on the front seat if a disabled airbag and rear. Why not face forward? Because if there is sudden braking may damage the cervical spine, for children it is unacceptable.

The position of the baby inside, half-sitting. It is best when the child already knows how to sit a newborn in it comfortably. But many parents argue that a toddler is rarely somewhere take, but with the year we can travel together. And this chair is more comfortable.

Often a child seat of this type is portable. It easy to unfasten, and if the kid fell asleep, you do not need to Wake him up. Special handle allows to move the chair without problems. To unfasten it is recommended, when the window frost. In this case, the device is better to take home, so you do not put a child in a cold car seat.

For the price this variant does not differ from the first, and the functionality much more. It can be operated as a carrier, high chair or rocking chair.