The choice of location

Traditionally, the place to install the car seat depends on the two parameters of safety and convenience for the driver. For example, most parents have a strong belief that the safest place in the car – the passenger seat behind the driver. This is due to the fact that in the event of any incident, the driver instinctively turns the steering wheel to the left. This is because the person behind the wheel, instinctively protects itself, and, therefore, will protect the child. Experts claim that this is nothing more than a myth, because you need to take into account side impacts that are found in one third of all accidents.
Injuries that can get the child in a side collision can be very serious.

Another opinion regarding the installation of children's car seats in the car safely in the passenger seat across from the driver. In fact, it is rather a question of convenience of the driver. Especially if driving a mother and she is the one traveling with a child. She immediately becomes visible, than the little busy, what is his mood and what he's doing. And quieter and easier on the road. But again, the child is protected from side impact.

Studies have shown that the most convenient place for installation of children's car seats, and besides, still and safe, is the rear middle seat. Here the baby will be protected from both side and frontal impact (of course we are not talking about too strong of an accident).
Installing the car seat, it must be very good to fix, and child in it. Otherwise if you crash the baby will fly through the windshield.

What to consider when installing a car seat in the car

Based on the fact that the place is potentially safe for a car seat, not especially convenient for mounting this device, you should think about what the model for this approach.

If you car is equipped with seat belts in the middle rear seat, installation problems there will be no. You can put a standard seat, which is attached to a conventional belt. In other cases it is necessary to use the chair with the base. First install and reinforce it and then secure it to the chair.

Of course, you must reliably capture the child in the seat. When planting you need to properly put on and carefully pin the straps on the baby. If you approach the matter responsibly and follow all recommendations of experts, your child will ride in the car comfortably and safely.