Infant toddler travel system choose a category "0". It is comfortable for baby fully horizontal carrying, which are located across the movement on the back seat. Cradle itself is secured by regular belts safety, and for the child a wide belt inside. Unfortunately, this cradle is not too safe: the majority of models do not stand up to even a simple crash tests, so when the accident the child can receive dangerous injuries.
To better protect the child, set him in the cradle of the category "0+". In it the child is in a half upright position, fastened internal three - or five-point belts. Such models are also suitable for newborns, can serve up to 6 months — 1 year, depending on the size of the carrycot, baby and clothes on him.
There are also combined models, "0/0", which can be decomposed at different angles and have two way fastening — wide strap across the tummy or three-point. In any case, note that the horizontal position during a crash is recognized as the most dangerous for the baby. In addition, at least until the year the baby needs to ride against car traffic, as when a relatively heavy head, his neck muscles are still weak and even hard braking can damage them.
"On vyrost" select car seat group "1" with internal five-point belt and soft tabs. For kids it is better to choose a model, which changes the back angle. In the chair with the backrest angle 120-140 degrees can seat child older than 6 months, if the slope is 90-100 degrees, only after a year provided that he already sits steadily and the trip will be short-lived. Usually in this chair the child can go to 2.5-3 years.
For older children, choose a model group, "2/3", with adjustable backrest height and removable seat. In it the child is secured by the regular seat belt, and its position, most can be adjusted. The back of the chair over time, "grow", and then removed. There is only the booster (seat), and the child can ride up to 12 years or for as long as his height will not exceed 150 cm.