Attach the coaxial cable to the wall using fastener "Christmas tree". This is the easiest and cheapest way, and fasteners can be found in any hardware store.
Attach the power wire of the camera to coaxial cable with nylon cable ties (they are quite durable and resistant to atmospheric conditions).
Use the BNC connector (NBC) to connect the signal to the camera surveillance. To connect NBC-connector to coaxial cable, you need a special adapter - F-connector. To do that, strip the cable insulation from PVC, bite the copper core that she went outside of the connector by about 3-4 mm, screw the bayonet connector to F-connector and rewind the base tape for a more secure installation.
Connect the cable to camera CCTV for the DVR with one moaning or video capture cards. For this you'll need to attach the connector to the power cable. All types of cameras of video surveillance , there is one standard power socket, which eliminates the extra searches required connector. Previously, all the connectors were exceptionally solder, that is, first had to learn to handle a soldering iron to connect the wire to the connector. Now you just have to Unscrew the screws of the terminals with a small screwdriver, insert the stripped insulation from the power wire "+" or "-" (blue or red) and tighten the terminals back.
Hide the node mounting the power junction box that is installed, usually near the camera. This will help to protect the wires from adverse weather conditions, dust, and just to keep the overall aesthetic appearance. In the case dome cameras CCTV supply unit is hiding, usually in the ceiling over the camera.