Install the camera outdoor surveillance, according to the instructions. Connect it using the cable supplied. However, there are video cameras that connect via a network cable and switch. Therefore, before you purchase the camera surveillance, ask the consultant how and what to connect the selected device.
Well hide and insulate the wires leading from the camera to the computer to avoid accidental breakage or damage from natural factors (wind, rain, cold).
Connect the camera to the computer. To do this, plug the cable into the cable connector to your LAN. The operating system will automatically detect the new device and will require drivers for its installation. Use the software CD that is also included in the kit.
Insert the disk into your computer and install all the components. After the installation is complete on your desktop will appear a shortcut from the camera - click it twice and run the program. In the service tab, make the necessary settings.
Specify the folder in which you save all recordings from the camera surveillance. On the drive that contains this folder, there should be more free space. Recommended even to use a separate virtual disk for this purpose. In the case of infection by computer viruses or system error the disk can be encrypted.
Use licensed software to prevent the possibility of breaking your system videosurveillance via Internet. When properly connected the camera to the computer, there will be constant monitoring of the protected area. Thus, you can protect your home, work or car from unwanted intrusion.