You will need
  • Personal computer, web camera
First, in order to connect to webcamera and view video or photos, you must create a connection on a local network. You need to have a switch, i.e. a special network switch that allows you to create multiple connections, and at least two Ethernet cables. Then, connect all devices by using Ethernet cables.
Now using the installation program which is usually included in the initial package, define the IP address for the camera. It you will enter in the address bar of the browser or another program. It is best to create a static IP address, as it is much easier to work with. Then you need to open the Internet browser and type in the address bar the IP address. If you use a modern browser, then no software will not be loaded, as it is necessarily supported video streams.
That's the way you are connecting the webcam to the computer, but if you have the desire to connect with the camera set on a very large distance, this requires special programs such as WebCam Monitor 4.20 or Webcam Surveyor 1.7.0, in which you need to enter the IP address and some other data. The setup process of such programs is extremely simple, as you only have to answer questions. But, despite the simplicity, they offer numerous important advantages, as you will be able to detect illegal entry into your home or other troubles. As you can see, to connect remotely to the webthe camera is not so difficult, and because of this you can be always up to date with current Affairs in the monitored area.